Chilli Con Carne

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Chilli Con Carne

What can be more comforting than a big bowl of Chilli Con Carne, the ultimate comfort food. Whether you prefer yours mild, or extra hot, that big spicy bowl of chilli sure is good. There are lots of styles and options when cooking Chilli Con Carne and some big regional differences in the way Chilli Con Carne is made as you will see, and of course everybody thinks their Chilli is best. We suggest you keep an open mind and give some of these Chili Con Carne recipes a try or at least bring some of the variations into your own Chilli recipes. Above all, enjoy!

This site is all about cooking Chilli Con Carne. There is a lot of controversy and discussion about where Chilli Con Carne originated and if it should have beans in or tomatoes and so on. They are pointless discussions, Chilli Con carne like most dishes has evolved and become what it is wherever it is in 100s of different incarnations. It can have diced meat (Texas style), it can have beans or not and it can have tomatoes or not. What Chilli con Carne must always have is Meat and Chilli peppers. The recipes page will start with what we believe to be the most popular Chilli Con Carne recipe in the world today and that does include beans and Tomatoes as well as meat and chillies plus our definitive Chilli Con Carne Spice seasoning.

Chilli Con Carne almost certainly originated from South America around Mexico and as far up as Texas. As Chilli Con Carne is essentially just a spicy stew of meat it almost certainly has originated in other parts of the world too as many similar dishes exist with a stew of meat and spices.

If you love Chilli Con Carne then you would be well advised to try some of the regional variations we describe in our Chilli Con Carne Recipes page. You may well find you like one of them a lot more than your old favourite Chilli bowl and at worst you'll decide that your old favourite Chilli Con Carne was the best all along.

We also recommend you check out the different styles and options of meat cuts and types of meat used in your Chilli Con Carne as these can greatly affect the flavour and texture. The Chilli Meat page will tell you more about this.

Thanks for looking, we hope you enjoy the information and recipes for Chilli Con Carne on this site.

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